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PSAT 8/9 Results



Students who provided their email address when taking their PSAT will receive an email directly from College Board indicating that their score report is ready.  Students can view their Score Reports on-line by following the instructions in the email received from College Board or by clicking on the ‘PSAT’ link on the left-hand side of the screen. This link will bring you to the College Board website where students can click on ‘Get Your Scores Now,’ by signing in or creating a free College Board account. Please see the bullets below regarding signing in to your  College Board account:

  • If students already have a College Board account and all the information matches what they put on their PSAT answer sheet, their scores will automatically link to their profile and they will get an e-mail saying they are ready.


  • If students don’t have a College Board account, but filled in their e-mail address on the answer sheet, they will get an e-mail saying their scores are ready and it will walk them through setting up an account.


  • If students did neither of the above, they can create an account and 9th graders can obtain their access code from Mrs. Garrett in Counseling Center South;10th and 11th graders must contact College Board directly at 866-433-7728 to obtain the access code to connect their account to their scores.  Access Codes will be sent to Longwood High School directly by the College Board towards the end of Semester 1.


After students access their scores, click on ‘Score Report Video’ to watch a brief video which explains the Score Report and indicates how to use the results to increase college readiness.